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Quotes QUESTION: WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THIS COURSE TO SOMEONE ELSE? ......"Absolutely, to any career level" .... "Yes!"..... "Definitely" ..... "Enthusiastically!"..... "Yes - my entire staff will benefit"....... "Everyone, regardless of position will find this course beneficial"....."Yes! It was a great, short course with high impact points that you can take back and immediately apply"..... "Yes - I was encouraged to attend by a previous student"...."For sure!"..... "Yes, concepts are solid!".... "Fully, with no reservations, in awe" ..... "YESSS!!"....... "Yes, very engaging and moving."..... "Yes, this course should be given to everyone annually to instill leadership from the beginning of their career until they retire." Quotes
- Answers from participants of 8 hour course

Quotes "What a great class!!! Thanks for your passion in leadership and passing it on to others!!! I have taken many classes during my 29 years of Federal service and have not had one as capturing as yours. Your passion for leadership not only came through in the curriculum but also in the teaching. The day flew by." Quotes
- Comment from recent participant of an 8 hour course.

Quotes WHAT WOULD YOU SUGGEST BE ADDED TO THIS CLASS? Nothing. Adam Green kept the audience's attention superbly, using a combination of humor, engagement of each student, and props. A really incredible job. Quotes
- Comment from a senior manager on the 8 hour course.

Quotes COMMENTS ABOUT THE 1 HOUR LEADERSHIP PRESENTATION: "This was the best class I've ever had! Thank you."....... "The entire presentation was excellent, I just wish it was longer. Thank you!"......... "I liked how you didn't just read from the slides, I could tell you are very passionate about leadership. You constantly changed the atmosphere of the meeting and kept the positive flow."..... "Very effective mixture of video clips and stories. I found the whole presentation very interesting and focused."...... "Your energy is contagious!" Quotes
- Comments from various course participants.

Quotes COMMENTS ON THE COURSE DIRECTOR: "The talent and passion of Adam Green converged and hit a home run that will reverberate"....."Adam Green's personality and ability to teach, share, and listen made this class what it is!".... "The clear, potent passion with which Adam Green laid this out was most valuable. Thank you for taking the risk to care and share. Truth leads."....."The speaker was great, sincere, and passionate."....."My favorite part was the speaker's energy, enthusiasm, and influence.".... "Love your Passion!" Quotes
- Comments from various course participants.

Quotes QUESTION: WHAT WAS MOST VALUABLE IN THE CLASS? The Coach Carter segment with examples were outstanding. It hit home very well. Keep teaching, mentoring, and inspiring -- It's effective......... All the different qualities and forms of leadership that were shared in the class were phenomenal. There were at least 10-15 that I can relate to and improve upon, and the rest are what I plan to work towards........ The CONVERGENCE exercise helped me think of myself in a different and more positive way. Quotes
- Answers from course participants.

Quotes QUESTION: WHAT WAS MOST VALUABLE IN THE CLASS? Great examples were used and I now feel empowered and refreshed to look at operations from a fresh view and try to incorporate positive day to day interactions......Brainstorming in small groups for "broken windows" in our workplaces which require "repair." Each course segment brought reality into working out solutions....... The customer service and 7-eleven examples because they have such an immediate impact on my job. Quotes
- Answer from course participants.

Quotes QUESTION: WHAT WAS MOST VALUABLE IN THE CLASS? This class made me start thinking of how I can become a better person, my purpose in life, and how I can make a difference......The importance of working together and the fact that each work group needs the others in one way or another to accomplish our goals..... The "contract" because it gives a list of simple, common sense items that can be used in everyday life for all situations. Quotes
- Answers from course participants

Quotes QUESTION: WHAT WAS MOST VALUABLE IN THE CLASS? Understanding how not speaking up in my work group can cause our entire group/organization to continue on a path no one wants to be on. Also, how holding people accountable for their actions can actually cause them to want to perform to a higher standard.....The videos & discussions on how everyone can make a difference, and more importantly that everyone should operate as a team and help others. Quotes
- Answers from course participants

Quotes QUESTION: WHAT WAS MOST VALUABLE IN THE CLASS? It was all valuable and informative. This is not a "suck up" answer, it's the truth. The Coach Carter examples of leadership and teamwork were great.......The group discussions. It's good to be able to hear other people's ideas and perspective It's eye opening. Quotes
- Answers from course participants