Discover your CONVERGENCE, empower your TEAM, change the WORLD!

Green Mountain Leadership Training offers  one hour, half day, full day, and multi-day high energy, deep, thought provoking leadership courses and seminars designed to change you and your world.  What are your passions and talents and how do you find your personal CONVERGENCE?  You can do one thing better than 10,000 other people, what is that thing?  What are your personal values?  What are your employer's values?  How do they work together?  Each course includes "live" group discussions, table discussions, one - on - one interactions, and team building exercises.  All courses include 15 - 30 video clips on challenging topics to facilitate discussions and drive home leadership concepts that will take your leadership and team to the next level.  

GMLT also offers 1 hour, 2 hour, and 3 hour seminars to enable your team to reach places which they previously thought impossible to reach.  Courses can be tailered to your team's needs.  

Power of the Story:  Learn from leadership lessons surrounding the Titanic, hurricane emergency responses, 911 heroes, University of North Carolina basketball, the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy, 7 Eleven, Major League Baseball, airline pilots, fire jumpers, private corporations, NFL football players, and forefathers of the United States.


-  Take a journey through movie clips from the Hollywood Blockbuster Movie "Coach Carter" starring Samuel Jackson as he revamps a High School Basketball team to achieve a high level of moral and life success.  

-  Discuss leadership lessons from video clips from "The Martian", "Moneyball",  "Argo", "American Pickers", "John Adams", "Undercover Boss", Superbowl 49, "Million Dollar Arm", "The Bucket List", and many others.


Participants are invited to sign a "contract" for work place and life improvements.


Courses & Seminars:

      - Activate all participants as leaders!

      - Help identify your personal CONVERGENCE via your passions, talents, & skills.

      - Include identification of your work place issues or "broken windows" that require 

         repairs to achieve higher productivity and success in your world.     

      - Include thought provoking "live" discussions on 15 - 30 video clips on varying subjects 

         ranging from 3-14 minutes in length. 

      - Include one "hands on" team building exercise to activate your team.

      - Include dynamic "small group" and "large group" discussions throughout each class.

      - Are taught at your location within the continental U.S. by one of our dynamic 

         class facilitators.

      - Can vary in size between 12 - 100+ participants.